Jones, David Clair - Biography

David Cair Jones and Mary Stephens

By Viola Kent Morgan

David Clair Jones was born October 26, 1841, at Seythlin fach, in the parish of Llanfihangel ar-arth (Pencader), Carmarthen, Wales, to David Jones and Ann Griffiths.

On October 16, 1862, he married Mary Stephens in the parish church of Llanfihangel ar-arth according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church by Evan Jones, Vicar. The witnesses to the marriage were Thomas Jones and David Evans. Mary Stephens was born June 20, 1842 at Ralltfichan in the parish Llanfihangel ar-arth (Pencader) to David Phillips Stephens and Jane Evans. She was raised on a farm. He was a joiner when he got married in 1862.

Two children were born in Wales, Ann and David S. They joined the Mormon Church in Wales and all came to America on the ship "Arkwright." They sailed from England, May 30, 1866, and landed in New York on July 4. They crossed the plains from Missouri and arrived in Salt Lake in October of that same year. He drove an ox team and carried his son, Dave, most of the way as his wife was in poor health at this time.

When they arrived in Utah they located at Willard, Utah, where he worked at his trade (carpenter) for about seven years. He built the gristmill and also the Harding Store. They had three more children while living here. All of the land around Willard was taken up, so they decided to come to Malad Valley and settled in St. John, five miles northwest of Malad. In the spring of 1874, they took up a homestead on Devil Creek. She worked very hard doing the plowing, harrowing, and cutting of the grain while he worked at his trade in town to get money to raise his family. He would walk to town every day to work. He was also the coffin-maker at St. John for many years.

He helped organize the St. John School District and was one of the first trustees for several years.

They were the parents of nine children: Ann S. (William Davis Lewis); David S. (Charlotte Owens); Thomas S. (Rhoda Louise Jones); John L. (Margery Tovey); Jane (James William Larson); Evan W. (Mary Evans); Daniel S. (1.) Mary Taylor, (2.) Ester Bywater; Mary Ellen (Timothy Morgan Woozley); Sarah (William Samuel Pierce).

David C. passed away August 19, 1920 at St. John and his wife, Mary Stephens Jones, passed away December 22, 1922 at St. John. They were both buried in the St. John Cemetery.

(From St. John, Oneida County, Idaho: A collection of personal histories from the time of the first settlers to the present day, p. 163.)



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