Adams, George P. - Reflections

Reflections of George P. Adams


I was first reflecting on the sings [signs] of the times and it seemes to be kind of queer when we take into consideration what the Saints have to suffer and bear when the hand of Opresor bear rule and the wicked thar Chitter and Chatter the kingdom of God keeps rowling as if there was nothing the matter then all ye Saints be valiant to the cause that you have Espousd wait awhile and the Battle ax of the Lord will be arousd then the wicked than will ralley Like demons in disguize when the host of heaven will com down and take them in surprise then thay will finde with all their Laws and all their Well intention that it has been to much of task to solve the Mormon question



Adams, George Phillips


Transcribed from a photocopy of the original. The photocopy is in the possession of Professor Ronald Dennis.