Adams, George P. - A Key for the Wise

A Key for the Wise

By George P. Adams


When we pass behind the vaille we pass from sorrow and Strife where we will meet and each other greet in the bloom and viggar of life this may seem to many strang but tis eternal truth we have got to come again and enjoy the Days of youth this is the grand secrete that never has been told unto the wise nor Noble nor Learned of the world but it has been from Heaven reveald in these the Latter Days unto the meeke and pure in heart as thay may know his ways this is what all the Prophets saw that livd in Days of Yore all things would be restord again Exactly as before. Some one may ask the question as to what will be the cause the answear come so forceibly the very selfsame Laws this is the grand Establishd Law we may rely upon but if we disregard that Law well then its goodby John. This is One of the brightest gemes there is nothing to compare and all the theologans may refute it if thay Dare.



Adams, George Phillips


Copied as close as possible from a xerox copy.

Joel L. Tapley
December 10, 1980