Feelings of a Young Saint---poem by David John

This poem first appeared in Welsh in Udgorn Seion (Zion's Trumpet--the Welsh Mormon periodical that appeared from 1849 until 1862), the 30 February 1856 issue, pp. 79-80. And since David John was rebaptized into the Church on 6 February 1856 the poem was apparently written shortly after the baptism and submitted for publication in the periodical. This "informational translation" was prepared by Ronald Dennis from the original Welsh.


I lost all my former friends,

When I joined with the Saints;

Nevertheless, I have gained,

And it is a wondrous honor to me.

If I have lost the smiles of my dear mother,

And of my many relatives old and young;

I have received an even more valuable treasure

That Jesus pure has promised.

In ignorance they wept,

With a veil across their eyes;

But I was rejoicing,

Having received strength from God by faith.

The things of the world concerned them,

Namely the great and despicable mammon;

Of the treasures of heaven I sang,

And the divine gift of grace.

They came to me, yes, twenty and three,

And that on the same day,

Saying--"David, David, listen,

People were clamoring after you!

"How could you join the Saints--

The chief enemies of God?

To your father this news is hard to bear,

It will be the death of him."

If this is a loss to him,

Great gain it is to me;

And I shall testify before you,

That you are the children of perdition.

I have already received the Spirit of God,

A strong witness have I obtained,

And the same promise is given to you,

From the King of all the Heavens!

Therefore, come dear friends,

And give obedience now,

And then you shall have the Spirit of God,

To uplift you and give you joy.

Unless you receive this there is no freedom,

Just agony and pain;

I know now that truth stems from

The man who was on the cross.

Therefore, I am all the more determined,

To press forward,

And blessed be our God,

For the favors of the Holy Ghost.

I shall leave Babylon before long,

Across to Zion shall I go,

And there I shall worship my God

With neither persecution, pain, nor fear.

Formerly of Haverford College. David John.


John, David


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