Across the Churches


I am informed by Elder Giles that the situation in his District is increasing and that the Saints are enjoying the Spirit of God abundantly; and they have baptized several lately, and there are good prospects for baptizing more.
I am informed by a letter from Elder Dan Jones that he has found the Saints in Cardigan in a good spirit with great respect for their president. And he reports also that there are very good prospects through the counties of Flint and Denbigh; and the condition of the Saints is exceptionally good, and the Spirit of God is powerful in their midst. There is a great call for preaching across the country in general; let those Elders who can make themselves available spread across the country preaching the Gospel; and let those Elders who have rusty sickles go out to reap in order to polish their sickles.
Also Elder Daniels gives good news from Pembrokeshire. He also feels thankful to God for the health and strength which he has enjoyed to fulfill his mission through the North.
I also had a letter from elder Robert Parry (Robyn Ddu) informing me that he has been preaching in Llandeilo, Llanymddyfri, etc., etc., and that he has had a good listening and intends to baptize soon.


***I wish to inform the Presidents that I expect to receive information as to the conditions of their Districts every month from now on.
W. S. P.

[Translated from the Welsh original in Udgorn Seion 1853 (Vol. VI), p. 159-60, by Ronald D. Dennis, 1529 W. 1170 North, Provo, Utah]



Phillips, William Samuel


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