1845, Feb 24 - Jones, Dan - Letter to Wilford Woodruff

Wrexham, Monday 24 Feb. 1845

Dear Br Woddruff,

I have neglected writing until now, expecting to have the better news to give you, because I had some forebodings of glorious consequences. Of course Bro. Stratton told you how I was getting on up to the time of his departure. Since then I have been working my way into the heart of the Welsh Colliers, & Ironworks, but have found my way blocked up, by the preposesed prejudices, predicated upon the ffalse statements of returning apostates as well as all other lies that any Impostors, or bad men have ever been guilty of, all the stories I think that the Devil & his Priests can think of, are sent the rounds here too, but as luck wd have it, by being a little sly I scaled some of their Ramparts before they were aware, and I hope, have put in a little leaven; but the Priests here are not doing much else, but consulting together what to do with me; the first thing of cours was to turn me out of the good old Synagogue and caution all their sheep, not to believe, or talk to me; they wd not allow me to give my Reasons for leaving them, but through the influence of a friend, I got possesition of one of their Sanctuarys last Sabboth week about 5 miles from here & got my own play for the time, but since then the deacon has been under the eeves of that Sanctum; but since Br. Stratton left I have prepared a work for the press, principally about the order of the Kingdom set up in the days of the apostles, & illustrating the first principles, the immutability of the Gospel, &c.; something similar to P. P. Pratts, on the Kingdom, in the Voice of Warning, but Welsh of course; twil be in pamphlet form about two sheets, or 48 pages, of twelve fold, close type, they wanted £16. pr 1000; but tomorrow I have to go & see another Printer & will make a trade with him for a thousand copies for something less & get him to print them in two weeks, I have to depend on you to send me that amt, by that time, for I need not expect any quarters from any source, neither would I have any one know here my financial affairs, upon any consideration; I have had to steer between wind & water, with friend & foe, and carry a stiff upper lip, for I have to pay my board here & wife; my wife's illness has kept me here rather confined, & while this work is going through the Press I will have to be here to correct the proof sheets, but have some openhearted friends in Wales, who have invited me to see them, some dozen miles off or so; them of cours I will attend too, in the mean time, but after I get this work out I will take a larger circuit, especially after conference; I am glad withal they are making such a stir among themselves on my act. [account] here; I expect my wife's illness will be over before I come to conference, and I hope that by then, the object I had hinted to Br. S. about, will be accomplished, all right there for, etc. Wd. I had a mate, who wd go shoulder to shoulder with me in the Welsh! but, I have a pospect [prospect] of one before long, one who has his hand in; but tho I shd remain alone I am resolved in the strength of Joseph's God to die on the field of battle, rather than meet my kindred on that day, & found guilty of their blood; poor people, they know not what they are doing; the best way of remittance will be by Post Office. Yr Br in Crist. D Jones

Please to give my kind regard & my wife's also to Sister Woodruff & little Susan, to Bro. & Sister Clark, Bro. Hadlock, Ward, Wilson, Holmes, Hardy & Bro. Stratton if at Lpool [Liverpool] & all Saints, & may their united & ffervent prayers be heard in heaven in behalf of my brethren acording to the flesh, that they may be hot to rejoice in the glorious liberty of the everlasting Gospel of Christ; this is my first, last, & only Prayer; & the only cours that I can take is to preach in the streets, which I am resolved to do when the weather gets finer, and my family affairs admit of my going through the country. This is the work of Jehovah, and I know it; therefore he will prosper it altho I shd have to contend with all the Priests of Baal, step by step, & so far I have not found one of them that could gainsay a word of it; & they acknowledge themselves, that tis useless for them to contend with me on scriptural grounds & think the only way they can do is to block my way, with the Spaulding Romance, extracts of Caswells, laying all at the feet of the apostles, &c. Some of their religious papers have lately come out in Welsh, with all the American stories in full length, and all trash; wd you not deem it expedient for me to write & publish a little work on this subject exposing the inconsistency of these stories, & conclude it with my own testimony what I know to the contrary from personal acquaintance with Joseph, &c., to his last hour? I will write to the editor soon, & show his liability to libel our deceased Brothers so unmercifully & show him that he has friends who will do him justice even in Wales; this may put a stop to him if no more. How about American News? They wd be so welcome now, not one _____[word missing] has come here. Please write to me when you receive [this]. This is private of course, Yr DJ-



Jones, Dan


[Original spelling is maintained. Some punctuation has been added to facilitate reading.]