1848, 9 Oct - Jones, Dan - Letter to Orson Pratt

Letter to Orson Pratt, newly appointed President of the Church in the British Isles in orson Spencer's place dated Oct. 9, 1848, at Merthyr Tydfil. (Vol 10:334,335)
Merthyr, October 9th, 1848.

My very dear brother Pratt,--I just find time to report my safe arrival home here, and my dear wife, since Saturday night last. I cannot say that my health improves very rapidly, although I am sometimes better and more free from pain.
I am happy to say that the condition of the churches I found to be cheering and flourishing. I visited the churches through Carmarthenshire, &c., before I returned here, and was hailed everywhere with good news, and great welcome. All enquired after President Pratt, a thousand questions, and above all, "When does he intend to come and see us?" The Saints here have prayed much for your success, as well as your humble servant. The great topic, though, is, universally, "When shall we go to Zion?" The prospect now is so cheering, that I am afraid there is no ship afloat large enough to carry off the first company of Welsh Saints! This is no joke, but please inform me what is the greatest number of emigrants that can go on any one ship? But more on this subject anon.
I found the Saints in one town, busy at building a chapel. They had written to me about it before; I had stipulated the conditions, with which they complied. This is one of the many topics which escaped my memory to counsel with you on at Liverpool. This I considered indispensably necessary to their interest as they could not rent a place there to worship in, there being about 200 Saints, nearly all baptized this last year. Many other things come to my mind now, which I should like your counsel on, which would be too tedious to mention here.
Myself and wife have not done grieving yet that we should have been constrained by time, to leave your house, without the pleasure of seeing you and your kind family, after all the kindness and marked hospitality which we received from you and dear Sister Pratt and family. Although actions speak louder than words, yet allow me to assure you, dear brother and sister, that you have laid us under obligations thereby, that we shall ever study to repay. The Saints here shower blessings on your head when I relate to them your kindness to me; and all of them desire much to see you both in Wales, and hope they shall be gratified. My wife joins me in kind love to you, to dear Sister Pratt, and your interesting family, and pray the Lord to bless you all abundantly. Please give our kind love to brother and sister Spencer, hoping that brother Spencer is recovering fast. I lay his case before every branch where I have been, and they pray for him ferverntly, and so does your affectionate brother. Excuse my haste,




Jones, Dan


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