1848, Jan 15 - Jones, Dan - Letter to Brigham Young

Merthyr, Wales Jany 15, 1848

To President Young,

Dear Brother

After a silence of nearly a year I again take the freedome to address you by letter, and while I do so my soul longs for a better mode, viz. viva voce[orally in person] of which I have been long deprived.

Notwithstanding our long absence, distance and the load of oppression which you have endured; besides the temporal & spiritual cares of your numerous family, the children of Zion, throughout the world--for all this I rejoice to learn that among the rest you have not forgotten the "Ancient nation of Gomer's rase" inhabiting Cambrias' much lovd hills, but the Spirit that counself your movements there and conects us as with a chain tho' across the sea, yes the same Spirit divine whispers to us here that even Brother Jones and his crew, far away, are subjects of your prayers & care. This precious boon we crave & then all is well.

T'will doubtless be a source of consolation to you to know that you have the sincere and heartfelt congratulations of hundreds, yea? thousands of Welsh Saints upon your glorious triumphs your unrivalled success in raising the Standard of Sion in the City of Brigham, an asylum for the oppressed a happy home for the children of Zion from among all nations, and the Welsh too! And even now while on this pleasant topic your promise to me while taking the parting hand in that memorable scene rushes to my mind, and I have long ago mustered faith enough to lay a hold on it; that is "That I shd not lack an inheritance among the Saints altho I gave my all away." I am not afraid that you will separate me from my kindred whom I love so dear, but that "where I am they may be also." Neither will the increase of my family detract from your precious promise. Tis pleasing to realise that while I am laboring in a remote part, we have fatherly guardians over the vineyard who will deal out his portion to each in due Season according to his merits. Tis pleasing to me even to be here to listen to the prayers of an humble, but honest, sealous, true-hearted and much loved people in behalf of President Young, and from him through every quorum even down to Bro Jones, ardently invoking in them (their?) simple & meek manner the choicest blessings of heaven and Earth to rest upon them; and for wisdom to lead them also to the "House of God in Sion." It does my heart good to hear the clanking of their bursting fetters, by which their precious souls have long been ground to the dust to hear them rejoice in hopes of the glorious liberty of the Sons of God; and to hear their their anxcious interrogations of "when shall we go to Sion?" Tis a question I fain would reiterate myself. And when, O! when shall we all come to Sion? You'l realise by their liberalities in the shape of L100 "Keepsake" which they have contributed to your asistance in the last year, out of their much need, that their religion consists not only in long prayers but good works too. Fruits meet for the blessings they've received through the Gospel, a small tribute of that reciprocating Spirit which is caracteristic of God and of his children. We have been visited by Elder F. D. Richards last summer and lastly, since Bro. Taylor was here, by our worthy Pres. Spencer whose valuable instructions we received in a Conference at Christmas last. These are all of the American Elders that have visited us since I came here; and 't did my heart good to hear them testify of the family likeness which exists even here to the children of the grand transatlantic family for all, and I wish it to become more evident continually, so that when you hail them on your Terra firma you'l recognise in each of them the heart of a brother or sister.

The number of Saints now in Wales is about 2000, in love & union without hardly an exception. Branches have been established in every County. The Spirit of God rests powerfully upon them in its various gifts and blessings. I have organised three Conferences in Wales & expect to need more soon. I have ordained here the following native officers, who are sealous & faithfully & are blessed with the Spirit of their offices. viz: 64 Elders 132 Priests 71 Teachers 25 Deacons. The increase by babtisms in the last 5 1/2 months exceed 700, with a better prospect than ever; thank God for his Gospel. I have much opposition from the Priests of Babilon en masse as well as the columns of every paper in the principality, but for all truth wins its way to the honest hearted and the predictions of our much loved Prophet that "All the silver locked Revs of Wales should not gainsay my testimony" have been verified. I have still maintained my Welsh "Star of the Saints" monthly and its circulation increases some. I have also published in Welsh in the last year 10 other Pamphlets (& copies of which I have given Pres Spencer to forward to you to be corrected! or to be placed in your archives in memory of the progress of Mormonism in Welsh! The number of pages which I have published in the year past amounts to about 850,000 of 12 mo. I have many testimonies of the good they do. And I pray they may still teach truth when I am far away. Doubtless that thousands besides me bless the day that your delegation arrived in England to set the house in order; and for your care over us in blessing us with such a wise and fatherly guide as Pres. Spencer since that time the anchor is weighed and the ship is under full sail Sionward and makes better progress than ever. Tho counsels, when they can be had cheer my heart.

In conclusion of this long epistle altho it contains but little in proportion to what I shd like you know) I hope its contents will cheer your mind & engage your prayers in behalf of your humble servant and his flock, that we all & many more may soon hail you & yours on Zion' thrice santified Hill." O how welcome a word from there wd be especially if it shd anounce the discovery of my ancestors the far famed "Welsh Indians."! Be asured Dear Brother that all the Welsh Saints in love, for yr prosperity join Yr Obt. & humble Svt & Bro. in the N.C. DJones



Jones, Dan


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