1847, Dec 26 - Remarks by Dan Jones, Transcription

Minutes of a Conference held at Merthyr tydfil, Dec. 26 & 27, 1847. (Vol 10:121,122)



The above conference was held on the 26th and 27th December, 1847, Elder Dan Jones presiding. After some preliminaries by the president, the following representations followed:--Total number of officers in Wales--Elders, 64; Priests, 132; Teachers, 71; Deacons, 25; increase in the last year, 954--nearly double! Total numbers, 1933. The different presinding officers represented their branches as being in good standing, love, and union, without hardly an exception, and that they have brighter prospects for the future than hitherto.
Several were called to the different offices of the priesthood, and four new branches were organised in the Glamorganshire conference. Many interesting instances were recited of the powerful and miraculous gifts of God through his Holy Spirit to his people in Wales.

After the business was concluded, President Spencer addressed the audience, who crowded the most capacious hall in these regions to excess, and many had to go away for want of room to come in.
In the successive meetings we received much interesting and valuable instructions from president Spencer, which gladdened the hearts of the Saints who understood them, and will doubtless leave a salutary influence for the time to come. Several of the elders delivered interesting discourses on many topics, and it was evident that the spirit of the work rested abundantly on all.
On Monday the receipts of the moneys towards the L100 "Keepsake" for the Saints in the wilderness were read, which showed that L22 were defficient to make it up. Upon this announcement, the sovereigns came in, being pitched over people's heads from all directions, which, together with the half crowns, shillings, and pence, and by Brother Jenkins putting on the cap-sheaf with a L10 note, more than sons of noble sires to free their nation from debt.
In regard to the Press department in Wales, alone I have continued the Welsh Star monthly, and increased its circulation to about 1200. I have published in the past year ten other pamphlets besides, containing in all about 850,000 pages 12 mo., many of which win their way into every circle of society, and make Mormons from every grade--the priests, protestant and catholic, not excepted. In a word, never were the affairs of the kingdom of God more prosperous, nor the prospects more flattering than they are at present. May heaven vouchsafe its influence to still progress this great work among my kin is the constant prayer of your fellow-labourer.




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