1846, Mar 15 - Remarks of Dan Jones, Image

Minutes of a Conference held at Mertyr Tydfil, March 15 & 16, 1846. (Millennial Star Vol 7:104,105)


Merthyr Tydvil, March 15 & 16, 1846.

Sunday at half-past ten A.M., the meeting was called to order. Elder D. Jones presided. After a few interesting preliminaries the presiding elders represented 24 branches, including 14 elders, 28 priests, 18 teachers, 11 deacons. Baptized in the last three months 102, making the total number of Saints in Wales to be 600. The elders represented the general state of the churches to be good, and the prospects flattering.
At Two P.M., held a Saints' meeting, which was well attended. Administered the sacrament; and the Saints bore strong and interesting testimonies of the wonderful goodness of God, in the language in which they were born; after which the president exhorted all to be faithful to the end, and showed the absolute necessity of union among the Saints, and of charity and humility, &c., and it was truly a time of refreshing, and it appeared that the only thing that disturbed the meeting was the Saints, at the least noise, glancing towards the door, constantly expecting, even to the last, the appearance of president Banks in our midst; but he, having been detained in coming from Bristol, arrived in time for the evening meeting. The news of his arrival having spread abroad, at 6 P.M. the Hall was thronged. After the usual ceremony by the president, he introduced president Banks to the audience--and to the chair by an unanimous vote.
President Banks, after a few complimentary remarks upon the peculiar circumstances under which he was placed in addressing a Welsh audience for the first time, showed that the great and glorious purposes of God in this "dispensation of the fulness of times," was to prepare a people for his coming,--for glory, immortality, and eternal life; that in this great restoration of all things, a pure language whould be restored also to all nations. He enlarged upon the beauties and glories of the kingdom with such eloquence, that it charmed the hearts and filled the souls of all who understood it with new life and vigour.
Elder Jones succeeded him, and translated the principle part of the discourse into Welsh, after which the meeting was dismissed by a benediction from president Banks.
Monday, 16.--Met at 11, A.M. President Banks presiding. Some unpleasant cases of aspiring spirits were examined and amicably adjusted, and the offenders restored to full confidence and fellowship, so that when the evening meeting closed, peace and universal restoration were established among all the Saints.
On motion of president Banks, "that Captain D. Jones preside over Merthyr Tydvil conference, in addition to his former presidency over Wales," it was carried unanimously, and the meeting closed with thankful hearts to their heavenly Father for his goodness; and showering blessings upon president Banks for the wisdom, judgment, and mercy which he manifested, and his success in restoring that union and brotherly love which are so desirable, and pleasing to God, and all good Saints.
P.S. I should have stated that 4 elders, 8 priests, 9 teachers, and 4 deacons, were ordained in the evening meeting.
Tuesday Evening held open council. President Banks presided, and instructed the different officers on the importance of discharging their various duties faithfully, and the beauty and glory of the priesthood, &c.
Wednesday Evening. President Banks, in a very clear manner, showed the advantages that would result from the "Joint Stock Company," and the necessity of the same to the happiness of the Saints. Captain Jones translated, and several shares were taken--many paid for shares previously taken, and all seemed to be determined to do all they can for the advancement of this glorious institution, as well as for the gospel of Christ.
I am happy to say that, we have some of the noble spirits of the days of yore in our midst, the sons of noble sires, yes, from the unconquered race of mountain chiefs, who will go, two by two, in a very short time, and sound the trumpet through every part of Wales, until the aspiring summits of Cambria's hills shall echo the sound to every glen, and warn them faithfully. May the God of their fathers be propitious to them.
I have, dear brother, written these few items in great haste, that you may have some idea of what we are doing hereabouts. I am, dear brother, you obt. servant,


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