A Proclamation to All Teachers of Religion in Wales

Dan Jones.

Annerchiad at offeiraid, parchedigion, pregethwyr, a holl athrawon crefydd yn Nghymru.

(Proclamation to priests, reverends, preachers, and all teachers of religion in Wales.)

Merthyr Tydfil: D. Jones, Printer, [1854]. 2nd edition. The eighth thousand.

16 pp. 17.3 cm.

The contents of Annerchiad first appeared in Udgorn Seion for 10 June (pp. 341-48), 17 June (pp. 357-62), and 24 June 1854 (pp. 375-79). There is no further mention of it until the 12 May 1855 Udgorn Seion (p. 159), when it constitutes one of the items of a price list of Welsh Mormon publications. If Dan Jones was true to the procedure he had followed for other pamphlets first done in serial form, Annerchiad was likely available in pamphlet form a week or two after its last segment appeared in the 24 June 1854 Udgorn Seion.
No first printing of Annerchiad is extant--if, in fact, one was ever done besides the Udgorn Seion appearance. It was not Jones's practice to label as second editions those pamphlets that had first appeared in Udgorn Seion. Perhaps he did so with Annerchiad in order to impress the intended audience. A similar motive may have prompted him to indicate "the eighth thousand" on the pamphlet, nothing similar having been done on any other of his publications.
Jones presents his message in Annerchiad in the form of an open letter to all the people indicated in the title. The established procedure among this elite group throughout Wales was simply to ignore Mormons and their publications. A few, however, gave public lectures and wrote pamphlets against them, and these Jones addressed directly in hopes of receiving more attention. Despite the best efforts of Jones and others, however, only a handful of ordained ministers ever converted to Mormonism in Wales.
No price is indicated on the pamphlet, but according to the book list, it sold for eleven shillings and sixpence per hundred, or ten shillings per hundred to branches and book dealers.


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Jones, Dan


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