A Debate Between a Baptist and an Atheist

[Dan Jones.]

Dadl rhwng Bedyddiwr ac Anffyddiwr.

(A debate between a Baptist and an atheist.)

Merthyr Tydfil: Printed and published by D. Jones, 14 Castle-street, Merthyr, [1854].

16 pp. 17.5 cm.

Dadl was first advertised in the 18 March 1854 Udgorn Seion (p. 180) as coming off the press soon. Three weeks later (Udgorn Seion, 8 April 1854, p. 211) it was announced as "newly off the press" and something that would give "more than twopence worth of entertainment to the reader."
The pamphlet is nothing more than an expansion of a Millennial Star article published four years earlier by John Hyde (1 January 1850, pp. 4-9). No credit is given to Hyde in Jones's pamphlet, however--such practices of "borrowing without recognizing" being rather common and apparently accepted in the last century.
Throughout the dialogue the "atheist" is chiding the "Baptist" for blatant discrepancies between Christ's teachings in the Bible and Baptist doctrine and practices. All the Bible concepts ignored or altered by the Baptists are shown to be central to the message of Mormonism, a representative of which enters the conversation toward the end and issues an invitation to the other participants to listen to the message of the Latter-day Saints.
Almost everything which Dan Jones published during 1854, as well as several items printed during the first part of 1855, are bound in a volume called Capt. Jones ar Formoniaeth, yn 1854 (Capt. Jones on Mormonism, in 1854, item 92). Dadl, however, is not included in any of the four such volumes extant. The only extant copy of Dadl is bound in the Capt. Jones ar Formoniaeth, yn 1855 (Capt. Jones on Mormonism, in 1855, item 97) owned by the LDS Church Archives.




Jones, Dan


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