Stephens, Mary




By Mrs. Ann “S” Jones Lewis (Daughter)


26 February 1935


Mrs. Mary Stephens Jones was born June 20, 1842, at Pencader, Carmarthenshire, South Wales. She was raised on a farm. She was talented in singing. She and Aunt Margaret Stephens, Uncle Dan’s wife, used to sing for most every gathering. She was also a good reader.


On 16 October 1862 she married David C. Jones who was a carpenter by trade.


On 4 January 1864, I was born, and I have heaerd mother say that when I was six days old she had to get out of bed to do her work.


One-and-a-half years later on 4 July 1864 David S. my brother was born, and when he was six months old they started to this country for the gospel’s sake. At first it was thought it would be best for father to come alone and later send for his little family, but on second thought they decided to stay together, make money as they went the best they could, and all pioneer together, which they did. Mother was sick most of the trip, especially while crossing the plains. Mother’s family—her father, mother, brothers, and sisters came with them, with the exception of Tom and Ann who had preceded them.


They first lived in the back part of John Edwards’ house, and father worked at odd jobs, trying to get ahead. It was quite a handicap though, as neither father nor mother could speak a word of English. That winter he got a job helping to build the grist mill at Willard.


In the spring of 1869 they went to the north part of Willard, which is now called Perry, and leased a farm where they worked hard. While father worked at his trade every chance he got, mother worked in the field, helping to put in the crops, and in the fall helped to cradle the grain. On 19 December 1868 my brother Tom was born. They lived in but one room, where the fireplace was the only stove they had. Mother’s bed was a pile of straw in one corner of the room. It was a very cold winter. Mother’s health was poor, and that winter she developed a chronic ailment which bothered her as long as she lived.



Stephens, Mary


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