Evans, John - English translation of poem in Welsh

July 17, 1901 Cambrian Day Welsh Song

at Saltare by John Evans, Brigham City


                        The Welsh have come

                        To Saltare to have a meeting

                        And in memory of that day

                        We are all here today.




                        Come along all together

                        To make this a memorable day

                        The Welsh have come here today

                        To have an enjoyable time together.


                        Another purpose is this:

                        For us all to be renewed

                        And bring to mind those things

                        That in former days were dear to us.


                        As it was at that time

                        So it is today

                        Singing, dancing, and having fun together

                        Just like we did in Wales.


                        Here we can see friends

                        Very dear friends to us and to you

                        And hear of their adventures

                        And all that has taken place with them.


Evans, John


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