Bowhey, Rhoda - Research Notes

Name:                    John KELLY1


Birth:                      abt 1832                  Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester, England2

Baptism LDS:          Submitted

Endowment:            Submitted

Seal to Parents:       Submitted

Occupation:             laborer, ironworker1

Father:                    John KELLY (1806-)

Mother:                   Sarah (1812-)

Marriage:                 19 Apr 1857             Bristol Records Office, Bristol, England1,1,3

Sealing Spouse:      22 Dec 2005            LOGAN


Spouse:                 Rhoda BOWHEY4


Birth:                      2 Aug 1838              Whittakers Buildings, Clifton, Gloucestershire, England5

Christen:                 19 Aug 1838            St. James, Bristol, Gloucester, England2,6

Baptism LDS:          1860                       England

Endowment:            15 Apr 1865             EHOUS

Death:                     1 Nov 1920              Tetonia, Teton County, Idaho7

Burial:                     6 Nov 1920              Logan CIty Cemetery, Logan, Cache, Utah, USA7

Seal to Parents:       Apr 1980                 LOGAN

Baptism LDS:          11 Jan 2005            BOUNTI

Religion:                  LDS

Father:                    John BOWHEY (1812-1846)

Mother:                   Sarah RENNELS (1810-1889)

Other spouses:        Samuel HOLT





1 M:                        John George KELLY8,9

Birth:                      10 Dec 1858            Beaufort Hill, Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales9

Death:                     15 Mar 1860            Boundary Street, Brynmawr, Breconshire, Wales8

Baptism LDS:          Infant

Endowment:            Infant

Seal to Parents:       18 Feb 2006

Cause of death:       Scarlatina, Bronchitis


2 M:                        Robert Mathew KELLY9

Birth:                      15 Feb 1861            Kings Street,  Brynmawr, Breconshire, Wales

Death:                     26 Feb 1861            Kings Street, Brynmawr, Breconshire, Wales

Baptism LDS:          Infant

Endowment:            Infant

Seal to Parents:       18 Feb 2006

Cause of death:       atrophy certified10


3 M:                        James Hyrum KELLY9

Birth:                      20 Dec 1862            Hatter Street, Brynmawr, Breconshire, Wales9

Death:                     child

Baptism LDS:          Child

Endowment:            Child

Seal to Parents:       18 Feb 2006            LOGAN



Notes for John KELLY



Birth is estimate from marriage cert and census. No baptism record in the Gloucestershire baptism index.


No matches in the 1881 or 1891 census.





Here’s a good match for John also, but we don’t know for sure where he was born.



 KELLY, John


Record Type:




Age at death:


























 115 (click to see others on page)




Might be John in 1871:

Name:      John Kelly

Age:     37

Estimated birth year:     abt 1834

Relation:     Lodger

Household:     View other family members

Gender:     Male

Where born:     Bristol


Civil Parish or Township:     Llangunider

Ecclesiastical parish:     Beaufort

County/Island:     Breconshire

Country:     Wales


Source information:     RG10/5584

Registration district:     Crickhowell

Sub-registration district:     Llangunider

ED, institution, or vessel:     4

Folio:     29

Page:     3 (click to see others on page)

Household schedule number:     14


  John Kelly   abt 1834   Bristol   Lodger   Llangunider   Breconshire     

 Edmund Thomas  abt 1817  Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Head  Llangunider  Breconshire  

 Elizabeth Thomas  abt 1817  Llanwenarth, Monmouthshire, Wales  Wife  Llangunider  Breconshire  

 Margaret Thomas  abt 1851  Llangatock, Breconshire, Wales  Daughter  Llangunider  Breconshire  

 Mary Thomas  abt 1849  Llangatock, Breconshire, Wales  Daughter  Llangunider  Breconshire  

 Rachael Thomas  abt 1859  Llangatock, Breconshire, Wales  Daughter  Llangunider  Breconshire  

 Thomas Thomas  abt 1846  Llangatock, Breconshire, Wales  Son  Llangunider  Breconshire


he is listed as deaf and dumb, and listed as a “puddler” for occupation, and widower.


The deaf and dumb part makes me wonder if that is him or not. A puddler was  Iron worker operating a puddling or ball furnace where cast iron turned into wrought iron and since Rhoda’s husband  was an iron worker in the 1861 census, I think that this might be him. Can’t find any other likely candidates in the whole census, 1881, etc.


This death age is very close:

Deaths Jun 1871

Kelly  John  34  Llandovery  11a 510


Here’s info about the district.:


Created 1st July 1837. Mainly in Carmarthenshire, but included part of Breconshire.

Sub-districts : Cilncwm; Conwil-Cayo; Llanddausaint; Llandingat; Llanfairarybryn; Llangadock; Llanwrtyd; Myddfai

GRO volumes : XXVI (1837-51); 11a (1852-1930).


    Above Sawthe, Cilycwm, Conwil-Cayo, Dyffron Cidrich, Forest, Llanddausaint, Llandingat, Llandovery, Llanfairarybryn, Llangadoch, Llansadwrn, Llanwrda, Lower Myddfai, Quarter-Bach (1837-82), Telych, Upper Myddfai, Ystrad.


It looks as though it is about 30 miles or so from Crickhowell, so not out of the question. The text reads” Eighteenth May 1871, Union Workhouse Llandovery, John Kelly, male 34 years, general labourer Typhoid Fever, certified, reported by JOhn Canton Master Union Workhouse. Llandovery. 19 May 1871. So age is off, but if John died alone in the workhouse, and was deaf and dumb, or at least had speaking problems, the age difference might be explained. Not really enough to prove or disprove.


The LDS Ward records which list a Rhoda and John Kelly in Tredegar Wales, give his occupation as fireman. There were several meanings for “fireman”,  one of those meanings is for someone who operates a furnace.


_________only two John Kellys in the 1841 census of Gloucestershire, and one lives at Avon Square.




The second John is too old, and the first is too young to match the death in Wales, or the marriage certificate--however if he died among strangers in Wales, then that age could be quite wrong. However, I think that the oldest one must be him (would like to find the 1851 census for him), since only one born in Clifton near the right age. 11 John Kellys of all ages in Gloucestershire at that time, only two close to right age. Younger one shows up in later censuses. His father is an engineer. Oddly, he has a sister name Rhoda, about the age of our Rhoda. I wonder if the mothers were friends. Avon Square is where the Bowheys were living at the time. Father is not born in the county, and is 35 at the time. Father’s name is John Kelly 35 and Mother is Sarah, age 29,  Children are William 13,  Charles 11, John 8, Selina, 6, Rhoda 3, and George 1. All children born in county, parents not.



Cert ordered for Cornelius was wrong index entry:

Dear Ms Goodfellow


Thank  you  for  your  recent  application  for  the  Birth  certificate of

Cornelius Kelly.


The reference supplied was 1859 Mar Bristol 6a 45.


Unfortunately,  this  reference  does not relate to an entry containing the

above name(s).  Our researchers have checked the indexes for the 1859 March

quarter  but  found no trace of  Cornelius Kelly.  Therefore, we are unable

to issue a certificate.



1851, John is not in 1851  for Bristol as far as I can tell. Two siblings are living in a large school:

Name:   George Kelly

Age:  10 



Estimated birth year:  abt 1841

Relation:  Pupil

Household:  View other family members

Gender:  Male

Where born:  Bristol


Civil parish:  Bristol St Michael

County/Island:  Gloucestershire

Country:  England


Source information:  HO107/1951

Registration district:  Bristol

Sub-registration district:  St Augustine

ED, institution, or vessel:  1e

Folio:  134

Page:  43 (click to see others on page)

Household schedule number:  188

GSU Number:  87351


George Kelly   abt 1841   Bristol   Pupil   Bristol St Michael   Gloucestershire  

  Rhoda Kely  abt 1838  Bristol  Pupil  Bristol St Michael  Gloucestershire   ---- Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, near Park Row.  Interesting since John was later listed as deaf and dumb in the census.



In the 1861 census, he is not listed as deaf and dumb.



I think that this must be him in 1851 in Wales:

  John Kelly   abt 1832   Bristol Diffton, Devon, England   Lodger   Bedwellty   Monmouthshire   he is an iron miner, and is from Clifton.

 View Record  Ann Parfit  abt 1844  Banelty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Daughter  Bedwellty  Monmouthshire 

 View Record  Elizabeth Parfit  abt 1837  Banelty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Daughter  Bedwellty  Monmouthshire 

 View Record  George Parfit  abt 1811  Banelty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Head  Bedwellty  Monmouthshire 

 View Record  Jammie Parfit  abt 1816  Banelty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Wife  Bedwellty  Monmouthshire 

 View Record  James Smith  abt 1824  Stoke, Somerset, England  Lodger  Bedwellty  Monmouthshire



Sarah remarried, according to contact from, and this is the family in the 1851 census, badly transcribed by Ancestry.



Notes for Rhoda BOWHEY




IGI gives death date of 1919  This is definitely wrong since she appears in the 1920 census for Tetonia Idaho. Her birth is not found in the civil registration for Britain, which had only started the year before her birth, unless her name is terribly misspelled. -- update-- she is registered as “Rhoda Bowen” . It is clearly her however, since birthdate of Aug. 2 is same as she always used in US, and parents’ names are right, except for the Bowen part. Also lived at Whittakers Buildings, where family lived later.


Text of cert:

“Second of August, 1838 Whittaker’s buildings. Rhoda  Girl  (Father) John Bowen (mother) Sarah Bowen formerly Rendles (Father’s occupation) mariner (signature of informant) The mark X of Sarah Bowen Mother Whittaker’s Bldgs “


Couldn’t find her original baptism date  for the LDS baptism date. online.


THis looks like it could be her, and it’s extracted:


_________Sources for overland journey

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868





William S. Warren Company (1864)


Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868


Kelly, Rhoda




Birth Date:



Death Date:










 William S. Warren Company (1864)












Her first marriage is not at free BMD as of AUgust 2004



Name:    Thoda B. Holt

Birth Date:    2 August 1840

Death Date:    1 November 1920

Burial Date:    6 November 1920

Cemetery:    Logan City Cemetery

Source:    Sexton / Grant

Grave Location:    A_ 30_ 32_ 7

Relatives:    Father John Bowen

Mother Sarah Reynolds


This is the location in the 1910 census, but image not available on right now:



 Rhoda Holt


Age in 1910:




 Estimated Birth Year:




Home in 1910:
































Cannot find birth of children for rhoda and John Kelly in St. Andrews records


Rhoda’s christening verified in film 1595556


She gave her birth as Aug 2 1840 at wedding and that’s on her headstone, but christening is definitely 1838. I bet that the birth was actually Aug 2, but it’s impossible to know.


From Providence and her People:

“IN Providence the grain-saving plan [the general RS plan to store wheat as a safeguard against famine] was first put into effect in 1877. One record shows that 71 women of the community donated 179 bushels of wheat that year; each year thereafter additional amounts were added to the store. The biggest doenationat the bieginning of the movement came from Rhoda Holt who donated ten bushels of wheat. “


Almost certainly this was an informal divorce from John Kelly. Divorce was expensive and difficult to obtain at this time, and the records are now online for all civil divorces in England  and Wales at this time. Rhoda and John do not appear.


(email from me to others interested in Bowheys) “Today I got a chance to look at the record I had found about Rhoda through an index to early Mormon pioneers that I had been waiting for anxiously. I thought that maybe it would just be a reference to her name, in someone else's history, but it was a little better than that, not much better, but a little better.  It turns out that these were forms that the church handed out, apparently, in an attempt to get some documentation of the early pioneers, whose records might have been lost. They have been put into a little book, bound together with others from the same area. In Rhoda's area, apparently the women must have done them in the women's meeting, since there weren't any entries from men. Rhoda's was done in an old-fashioned copperplate hand, but I think that someone else filled it out for her. I just don't think that she was terrible literate, but I could be guessing wrong. Anyway, Rhoda was not particularly talkative the day that she filled it out. There wasn't a lot of room to write "Important Events", but still others managed to squeeze in several paragraphs, and she just listed things she had done with the church. Here's the entry, then my comments (translations) below that:


From Film #1033790  LDS Individual histories


"Rhoda Bowhey Holt

Residence:  229 South Main Logan Utah


Born: Bristol England  2 Aug 1840

Baptized: 1860

Married: to Samuel Holt 1865 by H. C. Kimball

Endowed: at Endowment House

Patrianchal Blessing: by John Smith

Migrated: from England to Utah Oct 1864

Vocation: Housewife 

height: 5 ‘ 4”

Weight: 140 

Chest size: 38

Color of eyes: Brown

Color of hair: grey  

health: good

Specially interests: Church Work 


Important events: Pres of Primary Assistant  for abt. 8 years

Counselor in the RS for about 5 years 

R S teacher for about 10 years."


My comments: There were other blanks that she didn't fill in, such as christening date. I think that she probably was born on Aug. 2, 1838 and christened Aug. 19, 1838.  Then she either forgot the year, or purposely shaved off a couple of years when she came to the US.   Also, she did not mention her first marriage, although some of the other women's records listed two or three marriages. I have tried to find her original LDS baptism record, but so far no luck. Most of the time those are indexed in the IGI, but hers  is not. Maybe those records were lost, or maybe they just haven't been indexed yet.  The reason that I think she might not have been able to read or write well is that she does not have dates for things like her marriage and baptism, but maybe I'm wrong. She probably did need to read to do the church jobs she listed, so I don't know.  Also, I don't know the date of this record. It just wasn't dated.  The man who married Rhoda and Samuel was an extremely prominent man in pioneer Utah, and was one of Brigham Young's closest advisors.  The Endowment House, where they were married, is no longer standing. It was in Salt Lake City, near where the famous temple stands now. It was built as a temporary place for the kinds of rituals that are now done in Mormon temples, which include marriage.  As for the "chest size" entry-- that is very funny. I suppose that this form was meant for men. It's certainly not anything standard that the church keeps track of.  As for important events-- I wish that she had talked about  crossing the plains, or her emigration, but I suppose this is better than nothing. "Primary" is the church organization for children,  and RS is Relief Society, the church organization for women. “




Gender: Feminine

Usage: Biblical, English

Pronounced: RO-da   [key]

Extra Info: Popularity, Namesakes

Options: Contribute Information


Derived from Greek rhodon meaning "rose". In the New Testament this name is borne by a maid in the house of Mary the mother of John Mark


1861 census:

John Kelly  1833  Bristol Clitton  Head  Llangattock  Breconshire   (Iron Baller)

 Rhoda Kelly  1839  Bristol Clitton  Wife  Llangattock  Breconshire


Source information:      RG9/4217

Registration district:     Crickhowell

Sub-registration district:     Llangattock

ED, institution, or vessel:     6

Folio:     80


Civil Parish or Township:     Llangattock

County/Island:     Breconshire

Country:     Wales

Address is “North side of Kings Street” which is the street name given in the birth of Robert Mathew.


This stuff below is just notes that I made about the index references for births or deaths that might possibly be her children.



Rhoda bowen-- Clifton 11 263 sept 1838



Kelly Births in Crickhollow:

Births Mar 1860

KELLY  Andrew    Crickhowell  11b 131  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1861

Kelly  Robert Mathew     Crickhowell  11b 130  Scan available - click to view

Births Dec 1862

KELLY  James Hy_um     Crickhowell  11b 118




Deaths Dec 1857

Kelly  Anne    Crickhowell  11b [79][79]  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Mar 1860

Kelly  John     Crickhowell  11b 111



Tredegar is in abergavenny registration district


Deaths in Abergavenny:

Deaths Sep 1857

Kelly  John    Abergavenny  11a 31  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  Patrick     Abergavenny  11a 61  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Mar 1859

KELLY  Simon     Abergavenny  11a 73


Births in Abergavenny:

Births Mar 1859

KELLY  John    Abergavenny  11a 92  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1860

KELLY  Hanorah     Abergavenny  11a 109  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  Mary     Abergavenny  11a 96  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1861

Kelly  Thomas     Abergavenny  11a 99  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1862

KELLY  Mary     Abergavenny  11a 47



Bristol births:

Births Mar 1859

KELLY  Thomas    Chepstow  11a [79]  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  Cornelius     Bristol  6a 45  Scan available - click to view

Births Sep 1859

Kelly  Francis     Clifton  6a 65  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  Mary Ellen     Clifton  6a 101  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1860

KELLY  Emily Margaret     Bristol  6a 28  Scan available - click to view

Births Jun 1860

KELLY  Elizabeth Martha     Bristol  6a _2  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  Patrick Joseph     Clifton  6a 97  Scan available - click to view

Births Mar 1861

Kelly  Louisa Mary Ann     Bristol  6a 56  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  William     Clifton  6a 108


Bristol deaths:

Deaths Jun 1857

Kelly  Peter    Cheltenham  6a 243  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  John     Gloucester  6a 146  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  John     Bristol  6a 34  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Dec 1857

Kelly  Hester     Clifton  6a 5[58]  Scan available - click to view


ordered certificate for Cornelius.-- turns out it was a transcription error, and it was not Cornelius Kelly , but Kelore, and hence not ours.

Kelly  John     Bristol  6a 14  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Jun 1858

Kelly  Margaret     Bristol  6a 38  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Dec 1858

KELLY  James     Bristol  6a 39  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  James     Clifton  6a 57  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  John     Bristol  6a 41  Scan available - click to view

KELLY  Mary     Bristol  6a 48  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Sep 1859

KELLY  Elizabeth     Bristol  6a 18  Scan available - click to view

Deaths Dec 1859

Kelly  Joseph Peter     Clifton  6a 81  Scan available - click to view

Kelly  William     Clifton  6a 291




OK,death for Crickhollow turned out to be right. , well probably.

Here are two best suspects for the births

Births Mar 1859


KELLY  John     Merthyr T  11a 356  ordered Sept 11, to be sent on the 16th.-- refund given. Father’s name was not John. Could she have left off the father’s name? Maybe should have put mother’s name.

KELLY  John     Abergavenny  11a 92  ---- ordered this one. (this was not the correct one.)


Ordered this cert on Sept. 13, also:

Name on

Certificate  Certificate

Type  Number of Certificates 



Date (Est)




James Hyrum Kelly   E/W Birth   1   20 Sep 2005   

Year  Qtr  District  Vol  Page  Reg  Ent No  DOR

1862    Dec    Crickhowell    11b    118 


A Iram James death is registered in  Bedwelty in 11a 81   1st quarter 1864  (should be despatched on the 27th of sept)--- cert came and it is not him, should have tried looking for birth first.


rder these: with ref checking for Rhoda’s name

Births Mar 1860

KELLY  Andrew    Crickhowell  11b 131  Scan available - click to view  ---- this one was refunded Sept 22 since mother’s name was not Rhoda

Births Mar 1861

Kelly  Robert Mathew     Crickhowell  11b 130  Ordered both should despatch 27 sept  --- his death is Crickhowell 11B 108 ordered this cert to get death info, to be despatched Oct. 3


Ordered the other John kelly death in Crickhowell, just to see.


Millville ward records also have Rhoda’s birth as 184011


Millville ward records say she was baptized 1860 by Bro. Goff


In the 1900 census, Rhoda said that she was the mother of 12 children, six of whom were living.  So far, one of them is still unaccounted for.


No sign of Rhoda or John in the Llanelly ward records for that time period, should have been the Bryn Mawr area, 0104169


Rhoda borrowed $69.30 from the PEF to come to the US. Ledger C337 Dec 31, 1864. For some reason she was not charged interest and balance was the same in 1870, if I am reading it correctly.



Notes for John & Rhoda (Family)

Not sure if they were really divorced. There is a death date here of 1861, but can’t find him in the GRO index. Death of 1861 is not proven at all.


Nineteenth April 1857  marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Bristol

John Kelly/22 years / Bachelor/General laborer/ (residence at the time of marriage) 21 Philadelphia Street Bristol / Father John Kelly (deceased) Farmer


Rhoda Bowhey /18 years / Spinster/ (no occupation)/ 21 Philadelphia Street Bristol/ Father John Bowhey (deceased) Master Mariner Witnesses were Hugh Smith and Jemima Venn (last name is very hard to read, not sure what it is)


The sealing in the IGI is incorrect, gives a name of Robert Kelly, when name is definitely John, from the marriage Cert.

See notes for John for census records for 1861. There is one entry in the Tredegar Branch records of Wales, a Rhoda and John Kelly, no baptism or other info listed. He is a fireman. It does not state what happened to Rhoda, but John kelly was “Cut off for living an unjust life” about 1864. I’ve lost the notes, somehow. But perhaps this was them, not far from Bristol, and she just left.



Notes for John George (Child 1)

Birth cert reads:

“Crickhowell  registration district 1858  Llangattock  sub district  County of Brecon


Entry 263        10 December 1858  Beaufort Hill  name John George Kelly Boy father John Kelly  Mother Rhoda Kelly formerly Bowhey Occupation Iron Miner  information Rhoda Kelly Mother Beaufort Hill.”


His death certificate reads, “ 15th March 1860 Boundary Street, Brynmawr, John Kelly, Male 15 months, son of John Kelly Iron Baller, cause of death Scarlatina 29 days, Bronchitis, 11 days certified, informant Rhoda Kelly, present at the death, Boundary Street, Brynmawr, registered 20 Mar 1860. District was Crickhollow


Buried in Bryn Mawr cemetery. Burial record reads  #376  John Kelly, normal address Brynmawr, place of death Bryn Mawr, age 15 months,  date of death unknown, Burial date 17.03.1860. Minister’s name unknown, grave section, consecrated grave no 12-5-3



Notes for Robert Mathew (Child 2)

Text of cert says, “ Registration district Crickhowell, sub-district Llangattock  in the county of Brecknock [Brecknock is in Wales]”

Fifteenth February 1861 Kingsstreet Brynmawr Robert Mathew  boy father John Kelly mother Rhoda Kelly formerly Bowhey  occupation of father Fireman  informant is John Kelly Father King Street in Brynmawr.”

By the census in April Robert Mathew is dead. Certificate has been ordered.


Text of death cert says, “ Registration district Crickhowell, subdistrict Llangattock, in the county of Brecon


number 239  26th Feb 1861 King Street Brynmawr Robert Matthew Kelly  male 11 days  son of John Kelly Fireman cause of death atrophy certified, information X the mark of Rhoda Kelly Present at the death King Street Brynmawr  registered the 28 Feb. “



Notes for James Hyrum (Child 3)

Crickhowell  registration district 1862  Llangattock  sub district  County of Brecon


entry 313  20 December 1862 Hatter Street Brynmawr    name: James Hyrum boy father John Kelly  Mother Rhoda Kelly formerly Bowhey  occupation Fireman  informant Rhoda Kelly Hatter Street Brynmawr


Have not yet been able to find a death reference for him. Sept 26, 2005


Does not appear in 1871 census.


I cannot find him in the death registration, but I think that this  second burial here must have been him:

John     Kelly  15    1860 (no month)  G12 R5  S3

James  Kelly  13m  1864 February      ,,    ,,    ,,


That is from the index to the Bryn Mawr city cemetery.   Actually, this turned out to not be the right child. The 1864 burial is an Iram James from Tredagar. I had already bought that cert too, thinking that it was a mixup for Hyrum but the parents’ names are different.  OK, new thought here. I think it is actually the right child. The John listed first checks out perfectly to be Rhoda and John’s child, and they are buried in the same grave. The child in the second grave must be the same one whose death cert I bought. Looking at it again, I think it makes sense. Iram is a Welsh name,  and when it was reported it was probably a mishearing. This Iram James lived in Tredegar, and I know that at some point, Rhoda and John also did-- I just don’t know the date they lived there. Also, the father of Iram is JOhn Kelly Forge Labourer. Here is the info from the burial:

Iram James Kelly  address Tredegar, place of death Tredegar, age 13 months (which fits perfectly with the birth info) and date of death unknown.  Burial date 15.2.1864  minister’s name unknown and section of ground consecrated. grave number is 12 -5-3.


 Death cert reads   13 Feb 1864, Bridge Street Tredegar, Iram James Kelly, male 1 year , son of John Kelly a forge labourer. pneumonia certified. John O’ Connell in attendance, Bridge Street Tredegar.


Also, there is not a civil registration for an Iram James Kelly in 1862. I think that whoever John O’ Connell was, he just misinterpreted the name when he went to register the death, or else the person registering the information didn’t understand it.




1. GEDCOM mailed to me by Joan Gaskin, who is doing a one-name study of Bowheys in the UK

2. “International Genealogical Index,” Family History Library , 35 N West Temple Street  Salt Lake City, Utah 84150  USA.

3. Marriage Certificate now in my possession.

4. “Ancestral File (R) ,” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998 , Family History Library , 35 N West Temple Street  Salt Lake City, Utah 84150  USA.

5. “Family Genealogy Sheets in Possession of Paula J. GOodfellow .”

6. St. James church Clifton Bristol England, parish register on film 1595556

7. Logan City Cemetery Records, Logan Utah.

8. Death certificate in my possession.

9. Birth certificate in my possession

10. death certificate in my possession

11. Millville ward records, 215445



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Bowhey, Rhoda


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