1848, Mar 1 - Jones, Dan - Letter to Brother Jeremy

Caerd ---- (Cardiff?) March 1, 1848

Dear Brother Jeremy,

I received your kind letter together with the money which you sent with Elder A. Clark several days ago now, but I could not for the life of me find the opportunity before this to answer you. Better late than never.

  1. Regarding how we stand about the book money; I looked at my books here, that is what I wrote down at the time from your account on leaving, and what was down was L2. 11. 6 owing, and this is all I know of the matter. I have no recollection of having received a pound as A. Clark mentioned, and if you remember that, that is enough, so be it, if not let it be according to what you consider just, for I do not think you intended me anything but justice. The number of the books you give me is correct as far as I know, but you do not say anything about Eurgrawn (Treasury) Part two, nor the second Adolvgiad (Review). Whether you received some or not. (Insert above the line:) send the remainder of last summer's Proph (wyd) (Prophet) here to me with Davies (?) from Pantllyn (?). Despite the great demands I have for money to carry on this work, and so little coming in, yet I have now more important and interesting matters to answer you; namely,
  2. What shall you do about going toward Zion? This is an important question to answer, and I pray for the spirit of truth to answer correctly. Yet what shall I say? I know you will do what I say and that is the reason I am rather terrified of advising anything about temporal things and yet it must be done. You have only a short time to give warning (notice) I see, otherwise I would prefer to wait to answer you until I hear from President Spenser about things from over there. I am thinking now of preparing a company of as many as can be ready between now and next February, some from every branch and going with them myself if it is possible and if so, you know that you are almost (?) the first-born in this glorious assembly as regards faithfulness and seniority, yet not me, but the dispensation entrusted to me. I know the first company will be more under attack than the others so I would wish to be in the front of battle myself. Now you can judge what is best for yourself to some extent, How does your going affect your circumstances and your relations? Can you get them to help you or to come with you? If you receive your notice that will be for the best, but if you do not give in your notice on the 25th of this month, will that bind you there for a year? If so, perhaps it is better for you to be free.

Again, that Brother Davies you baptized there has arrived here since Sunday; he is very anxious to have a job and although there are virtues and considerable logic in him at times yet alas there are too many "Horns," eyes & visionary speculations in him I fear to preach the baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins; I would not wish to misjudge him, poor thing, not discourage him for anything yet I cannot for the life of me find the motivation to present him with the priesthood at the present time. He could make use of it and if you would undertake to stand surety for him, or if you have had any evidence (as he suggests) that he deserves a position I am satisfied, for you know the importance of the priesthood. I said this to him and he is not very pleased I think; but this is certain, if he does not withstand this test, tat fact will prove that he is not worthy of a position now. I advise him to become established in some profession, get some decent clothes on, and understand this divine order first, and you keep an eye on him too while he is in those parts; i.e. so that he does not bring disgrace on our beloved religion.

I am pleased to hear of the success of the gospel over there and we thank our Author for our success. It succeeds every hour (?) the more it is opposed. I have been traveling now for some days to build and organize the new branches. This Sunday I confirmed the last five of 29 since the Assembly. 35 or 40 were baptized in Merthyr and in all from what I have already heard here in the South nearly 200 since the Assembly! Better unity and more love and faith than ever. IT goes onward despite all the priests of great Babel.

official, and no one less than yourself. Embrace (?) my dear sister Jeremy also with a sacred kiss for Brother and Sister Jones. Remember me also to William Thomas Black Lion and especially his affectionate and faithful wife; Oh when will we have their company and that of all the good ones in Zion as the chosen (?) of God? The sooner the better say I with all my heart. Amen. I am your brother in Christ Jesus, D. Jones.



Jones, Dan


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