Account of Elder Evan Arthur by Florence Ellen Pulman Jones.

Sister Florence Ellen Pulman Jones was taught the gospel by Evan Arthur and was baptized by an Elder Whiting on 10 January 1932. The following is her account of Elder Arthur's ministry to herself and her family.
"One day, while we were all sitting together at number ninety-three, an old gentleman knocked at the door.  He was invited in by my mother and he started talking to my grandfather about the Mormon church.  Little did I think then what a difference this man would make to my whole life.  I’m so grateful to him for all he did for me.  
At the time I found out that his name was Evan Arthur and his age I thought at the time would be about seventy.  He was kind, and during the conversation I found out he had been born in Blaenavon about 40 miles from Merthyr.  He had joined the Mormon Church and had emigrated out to America and had decided to return to his native Wales to preach and teach the gospel as he understood it to the Welsh people.  He called many times to see Grandpa and my mother and they would sit an hour or two talking to him on different subjects.  I found out also that he made many visits to my mother’s brother whose name was Tom Jones, and who lived in a shop opposite Tabernacle Chapel, Brecon Road, Merthyr.  They had so much in common as this man (my uncle) had studied Mormonism for many years.  We all became good friends to this gentleman whom we called Evan Arthur.
Then the time came for him to return to America.  We said our goodbyes and really we never thought we would see him again.  But this wonderful old gentleman had something precious to to give us, especially as a family, and so within a year he was back with two companions, an Elder Miller and Elder Olsen.  Then he went again and the third time he came and knocked at mother’s door, and it seems that then as a family we were ready to accept the principles of the gospel.
To all my grandchildren who may serve missions, and I’m sure many of you will; never, never be discouraged or disheartened in any way or feel that you are wasting your time if you knock at doors, time and time again, and you get no response when introducing the gospel to them.  Had that wonderful old man not been persistent in his efforts we would never have known the happiness that the gospel can bring into our lives.  I will be eternally grateful to him. He taught us as a family, and I myself was the first to say I was ready for baptism.  I had been attending the Parish Church in Merthyr for many years and was almost ready to be confirmed.  But now I could see the difference in the principles as they were shown to me and I wanted and had a great desire to become a member of the Mormon Church."



Arthur, Evan


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