Lewis, David G - Family History




DAVID T.[1] LEWIS was born Nov. 1, 1843 (or Jan 1, 1845) at Cwmmaunfach Llanarth, Cardiganshire, South Wales, the son of THOMAS LEWIS and MARYANN GRIFFIS, (also JONES). David, the eldest of five children, was only nine years old when the family left Wales for America. (For that sad story. see "ESTHER LEWIS GUNNELL", another part of The Lewis Family History.)

After the death of his father in 1856 and a Mormon lady, Mrs. Catherine Fayle, had taken his younger sister Esther and brother Evan to raise, David was left alone in St. Louis, Mo. All sources of information so far agree David grew up in the home of a Mr. James TOLL (or TOLLE), a man of considerable means who had an estate in the area now bounded on three sides by Kingshighway Blvd., Arsenal St. and Maury Ave. in South St.Louis. Mrs. Clifford (Nana) Rhoads, a close friend of the David Lewis family, recalls that James Toll had two daughters, the elder, Mrs. Jane (Toll) Benz and the younger, Miss Elizabeth Toll who never married. (There is no Probated Estate in the name of James Toll or Tolle recorded in the Index Files of the Probate Court Records Office in St. Louis, Mo. and that is all I have so far been able to learn about this family. MWG)

DAVID T. LEWIS married Miss KEZIA YATES May 24 [illegible] in St. Louis County, Missouri. She was born Nov. 22, 1864 in England, the daughter of JOHN YATES and AGNESS LOW. (See JOHN YATES)

At one time there was a Mormon Chapel near where David and Kezia lived and brought up their family. It was probably there that Mrs. Catherine FAYLE learned about the untimely death of David's father who had joined The Church before coming to America, and it was there that Kezia’s brother MELCHIZEDEK YATES was married to Miss Martha WAGSTAFF on the 26th day of April 1871, as recorded, "In the LDS Chapel at Gravois, by John Sutton, a Minister of The Gospel." (Marriage recorded Vol.15, P.7, St. Louis, Mo.) We know by Church History that at one time in the early days of The Church there was as many as ten thousand Saints, (10,000), in the St. Louis area. It is said about one half the population was LDS. Then, with the gradual withdrawal of the Saints to Utah and other points West, the number dwindled and the Chapels disappeared until there were none left.

 On July 14, 1872 three small children of David and Kezia were baptized th the Chapel of The Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, (from Church of England), which was organized the year before in 1871. In time eight more of their children were baptized in that Church and to this day most of their descendants are of that faith. Also between 1885 and 1890 two chi1dren of Melchizedek YATES were baptized in the same Church.

David and Kezia were married during the Civil War but David did not serve in the War. As a newly married man he paid someone else fifty dollars to serve in his place. "Their honeymoon was to St. Charles, Mo." (A distance of about 25 or 30 miles.) As expressed by one of their grand-daughters, "Grandmother used to tell us the story of the long and exciting trip CLEAR to St. Charles on the Stage Coach. The Coach was stopped before crossing the Missouri River and all the passengers had to got out and be searched. The ladies even had to take their hair completely down and have it combed. It seemed that a lady spy or agent was slipping across the river to Little Dixie with badly needed medicine concealed in her hair. She was also known to carry messages. At any rate it was one of our favorite stories." Unquote.

David, like his father, was also a Miner for a number of years, then when he removed to Jefferson county, Missouri in 1898 he became a Farmer, (According to family records David's father Thomas LEWIS was also a Farmer before coming to America.. ) After his marriage David lived on Morgan Ford Road at Gravois Road, a cummunity known for a time as Oak Hill. This area was in St. Louis Township, St. Louis County until 1875 when the South boundry of -the City was extended and it was taken into the City of St. Louis. The City Directory, beginning in 1875, gave David’s address, "4304 Morgan Ford Road, St. Louis, Missouri," and from year to year until 1899 gave his occupation, Miner, Laborer, Miner, Fireman and again Miner.

As also related by David's grand-daughter, "David Lewis and Aunt Mary Summerfield's husband," (James Summerfield Jr.), "Were going home together in a buggy. They tried to beat the train to the Railroad Crossing, but didn't make it. My Grandfather was injured permanently. He later received a sum of money from the railroad which was invested in the farm in Jefferson County, Mo. When I was a child the house there was still the hub of the universe of the Lewis Family." Unquote.

As recorded in his Family Bible, ''David Lewis and Family resided in St. Louis, Mo, from the year of 1864," (when married), until the year of 1898. Changed residence to Jefferson Co., Missouri, Dec. 12th, 1898. David and Kezia Lewis died at the Jefferson. Co. residence as did William, Mary, Jemima and Raymond." Unquote. Although the Family Bible record gives David T. LEWIS' S date of death, "June 29, 1901," arnong his Probated Estate Papers on file in the Probate Court Office at Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., Mo., the Application of Letters of Administration gives his date of death "June 30, 1901." The latter is more likely to be correct, especially since there are a number of other discrepancies in the Bible records.

David’s widow, Kezia (YATES) LEWIS, died April 13, 1924 and both are buried in the Hillsboro Cemetery with their children , Kerenhappuch – (Nappy), William, Gertrude and Raymond and grandson Foster Lewis Summerfield.

David and Kezia were blessed with thirteen children, seven sons and six daughters. Four children died in infancy, (all sons), and nine lived to maturity, eight of which married, but only four had children. Of the three sons who lived only one has one son and tow grandsons so far to carry on the LEWIS name as descendants of David.



Child No. 1 – THOMAS LEWIS, born Jan. 25, 1865 and died Jan. 27, 1865 – two days old.


Child No. 2 – MARY LEWIS, born May 2, 1866 at Oak Hill, St. Louis Co., Mo. She married (1) JAMES SUMMERFIELD JR. Sept. 23, 1890 at St. Louis, Mo. He was a Mine Foreman when he was killed in a mine accident April 30, 1894. (His death record gives cause of death, “Internal injuries”.) He left Mary and a little son FOSTER LEWIS SUMMERFIELD. It was not until June 4, 1907 that Mary remarried also at St. Louis, Mo., a Widower ----- (2) GARRARD ALBERT or ALFRED HAMMETT, born Aug 5, 1859 in Maryland. (Death Record.) After his death Jan. 19. 1929 Mary and her sister Nappy, (Kerenhappuch), made their home together in St. Louis. Then when Nappy died in 1934 Mary went to live with her sister Jemima on the old home place in Jefferson County where she died May 2, 1938, on the 72nd anniversary of her birth.

            Mary’s only child,

FOSTER LEWIS SUMMERFIELD, born July 7, 1891 at St. Louis, Mo. Was brought up in the home of his grandparents David and Kezia LEWIS. He married Sept. 13, 1916 at St. Louis, Mo. , (Wife) MYRTLE COPLEY, born Aug 29, 1893 at St. Louis, Mo., the daughter of Edwin F. COPLEY and Jane Ellen HOPKINS. They had two children, MARION and WILLIAM.

Foster died Sept. 25, 1932 at St. Louis Mo. And was buried near his grandparents in the cemetery at Hillsboro, Mo. His Widow Mrs. Myrtle SUMMERFIELD makes her home with her children. (I visited her at her son’s home in June 1968 and found her to be most gracious, kind and helpful. MWG.)


(1)   MARION VIRGINIA SUMMERFIELD, born Dec. 27, 1917 at St. Louis, Mo.

 married Feb 7, 1939                  

(Husband) THOMAS WILLIAM FREDERICK ERNST, born March 16, 1916 at St. Louis, Mo. Son of Paul Rudolph ERNST and Marie BEUGEL

They have five children, all born in St. Louis, Mo.

(1)   THOMAS WILLIAM ERNST (“JR.”), born Aug. 8, 1940 married Oct. 3, 1964 at Mehlville, St. Louis Co., Mo.

(Wife) PEGGY LEE FLIER, born June 29, 1947 at St. Louis, Mo., the daughter of Edward Louis FLIER and Irene Francis KOHN


(1)   THOMAS WILLIAM ERNST (3rd), born July 21, 1965 – St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   TIMOTHY EDWARD ERNST born Oct. 31, 1966 – St. Louis, Mo.

(3)   THEORDORE PAUL ERNST born Aug 2, 1969 – Kirkwood, St. L Mo

(2)   ROBERT JAMES ERNST, born Feb 26, 1942

married June 29, 1963 at St. Louis, Mo.

(Wife) BARBARA ANN BLANKSHIP, born May 25, 1944 “   

daughter of James E. BLANKENSHIP and Lillian Marie BOING.



(1)   ELIZABETH MARIE ERNST, born July 3, 1964 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   REBECCA MARION ERNST, born Dec. 27, 1965 at “           

(3)   ROBYN ANN ERNST, -------- born Dec. 22, 1966 at “            

(3) MARION VIRGINIA ERNST, born Nov. 14, 1947

(4)   MICHAEL ARTHUR ERNST, born Sept. 4, 1950

(5)   RICHARD FOSTER ERNST, born April 21, 1958

(3)   WILLIAM JAMES SUMMERFIELD, born May 10, 1920 at St. Louis, Mo.

      (Wife) LIVINIA CAROLINE KINCAID, born Dec. 26, 1923 at Rosemont, St. Clair, Ill.

            daughter of Jacob Forest KINCAID and Anna LINDSEY


            Two sons

(1)   WILLIAM JAMES SUMMERFIELD (2nd), born Jan. 30, 1945 at St. Louis, Mo.

Married July 19, 1967 at Kirkwood, St. Louis Co., Mo.

(Wife) JUDITH LEE MILFORD born May 23, 1944 at St. Louis, Mo.

      Daughter of George MILFORD and Leona May SLOCUM



(1)   GINA CHRISTINE GILL, born Aug. 29, 1964 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   WILLIAM JAMES SUMMERFIELD (3rd), born Apr. 12, 1969 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   DENNIS PAUL SUMMERFIELD, born Feb. 17, 1948 at St. Louis, Mo.

Child No. 3 – JOHN LEWIS, named for maternal grandfather JOHN YATES, also died in infancy.

Born Dec. 23, 1867 and died Dec 24. 18—(?). (Year omitted in Bible Record. May have died when one day old, or at least before the 1870 Census was taken since his name was omitted then.)


Child No. 4  - KERENHAPPUCH LEWIS, (Bible name “KEREN-HAPPUCH”), more commonly known as NAPPY, born Nov. 11, 1869 and died unmarried Jan. 14, 1934 and was buried near her parents in the cemetery at Hillsboro, Mo. (Family Bible gives date of death Jan. 17, 1934, but The Bureau of Vital Statistics, St. Louis, Mo., gives date of death Jan. 14, 1934.) It is said Karenhappuch was engaged to be married and her sweetheart was killed when a bridge collapsed under the weight of a steam engine. One of her nieces remembers her Aunt Nappy as one of her favorite Aunts, “Who was well read, loved to travel, had a quip for everything and wasn’t afraid of Old Nick himself. She was also the only one of the family who learned to speak Welch and wrote it well enough to correspond with relatives  in Wales.” Also, “Sometime about 1923 she visited some of her Cousins in Utah and came back quite impressed as one of her Cousins was a Bishop in the Mormon Church living in Salt Lake City.” (Unquote)

Child No. 5 – DAVID GRANVILLE LEWIS, born Nov. 29, 1870 at Oak Hill, St. Louis Co., Mo. He was baptized July 14, 1872 in The Holy Innocents Episcopal Church along with his sisters Mary and Kerenhappuch and died Oct. 7, 1872 of “bowel complaint,” aged 22 months. He was buried Oct. 8,, 1872 in Picker’s Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo. (Taken from Baptism and Death Records of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.)


Child No. 6 – JEMIMA AGNES LEWIS, born Mar. 8, 1873 at Oak Hill, St. Louis Co., Mo. And died May 11, 1938 at the family home near Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., Mo., just nine days after her sister Mary. After the death of her grandmother Agnes (LOW) YATES JAMES, Jemima made her home with her “Grandpa James” and kept house for him until his death in 1901. She was named sole benificiary in his will and at one time had a sizeable estate. She married May 24, 1905 at St. Louis, Mo.

RAPHAEL L. PRIEST, son of George PRIEST was born Oct 10, 1869 in Pennsylvania and died Oct. 25, 1932 at St. Louis, Mo., aged 63 years and 15 days. (From Death Certificate.) Both he and Jemima were buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery at DeSoto, Mo. There were no children.


Child No. 7 – ESTHER RUSSELLA LEWIS, born Feb. 10, 1875 at Oak Hill, St. Louis Co., Mo. and died Sept. 14, 1963 at Manhattan, Riley Co., Kansas., aged 88 years. The last of David’s children to go. She was married Dec. 8, 1904 at St. Louis, Mo.

FRANK CHARLES WEBB, the son of Charles WEBB and Ann ENSTONE, was born Aug. 30, 1866 at Bellefontaine Farms, St. Louis Co., Mo. And died April 3, 1950 at their home in Clayton, St. Louis Co., Mo.


Mr. Frank Webb was a Building Contractor, retired sometime before his death. At one time he was President of the Webb – Boone Construction Company and owned the Tower Grove Quarry and Construction Company in St. Louis, Missouri, which supplied a quantity of material for surfacing streets of the City and stone for many of the Churches.


Esther LEWIS and Frank WEBB had one son to die at birth and two daughters to grow to maturity.

(1)Son WEBB, (name not known), born and died Dec. 1905 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2) GERTRUDE LEWIS WEBB, born Nov. 15, 1906 at St. Louis, Mo.

                                                       married June 4, 1941 at Clayton, St. Louis Co., Mo.

(Husband) OMER LOUIS CARROTHERS Sr., born Aug. 8, 1899 at Miller, Lawrence, Mo.

The son of Joseph CARROTHERS and Jennie GAYER.

                           They own and operate a large Ranch, (1,000 acres), near Joplin Mo. Gertrude refers to it as a “Working Ranch,” especially in Spring and Summer. They also have a home in Joplin where they spend their Winters. (I am VERY grateful to Gertrude for the help she had given and especially for Family Tradition and human interest stories she has shared with us to make this a more interesting Family History. MWG.)


                           Gertrude and Omer Sr. have two children.

(1)   MARY KEZIA CARROTHERS, born April 12, 1943 at Carthage, Jasper, Mo.

                                                       married Feb. 8 1964 at Joplin,                

(Husband) JACK KENNEDY HARDIN, born Feb. 13, 1937 at Newport, Jackson, Ark.

Son of Luther A. HARDIN and Lillie Ola JOHNSON.



(1)   MILLARD CARROTHERS HARDIN, born July 9, 1966 at Newport, Ark.

(2)   JACK KENNEDY HARDIN JR., - born July 2, 1969 at Newport, Ark.

                           (2) OMER LOUIS CARROTHERS, JR., born Sept. 17, 1946 at St. Louis, Mo.


(1)   Omer Lewis Carrothers III Red headed – as his daddy, G. F. Carrothers, G. G. Carrothers

(3) LILLIAN KEZIA WEBB, born April 14, 1911 at St. Louis, Mo.

                                                             (1) married Dec. 8, 1934 (Div) at Clayton, St. Louis, Mo.

(Husband No.1) GEORGE ALEXANDER HUBBARD, born March 7, 1913           

                                      Son of Jesse Warren HUBBARD and Margaret Mary FOSTER

                    (Three Children)

(2)   married Feb. 15, 1956 at Clayton, St. Louis Co., Mo.

              (Husband No. 2) CLIFFORD WILLIAM PICKERING, born Sept. 16, 1907 in Geary Co., Kan.

died Feb 10, 1965 – Manhattan, Riley, Kan.

Son of Charles Eugene and Rose PICKERING.

                             No children.

(As of July 1969 Lillian (WEBB) PICKERING lives alone on the Pickering Farm, a large Stock Farm near Manhattan, Kansas, where she has specialized in raising horses. Now she plans soon to retire.

I am especially grateful to Lillian for the invaluable help she has given me, - especially for records and history pertaining to her Grandmother Kezia YATES LEWIS’S Family.  – MWG.)

Three children – by (1) Husband

(1)   ESTHER ELLEN HUBBARD, born July 5, 1936 at St. Louis, Mo.

                                                    married Feb. 14, 1956 “          

(Divorced Jan. 1968 at Richmond, Va.)

(Husband) HAROLD CLARENCE MOORE JR., born march 29, 1933 at St. Louis, Mo. Son of Harold Clarence MOORE Sr. and Alice Lillian SHELTON

Two Children

(1)   MICHAEL MOORE, born Aug. 16, 1957 at Lansing, Ingham, Mich.

(2)   ELIZABETH KELLY MOORE, born Jan. 3, 1960 at Royal Oak, Wayne, Mich.

(2)   FRANK GEORGE HUBBARD, born Sept. 18, 1937 at St. Louis, Mo.

married April 14, 1962 at Plainfield, Union, N. J.

(Wife) ELIZABETH ANN DAVIDSON, born Jan. 9, 1939 at Plainfield, Union,

N. J.

Daughter of Bernard Eugene DAVIDSON and Emily Alice CRIST



(1)   ALISON CRIST HUBBARD, (Dau.) born Feb. 8, 1963, Plainfield, Union, N. J.

(2)   DAVID FRANK BUBBARD, born May 15, 1965 at Plainfield, Union, N. J.

(3)   STEVEN GEORGE HUBBARD, born July 31, 1969 at Chicago, Cook, Ill.

(3)   ROBERT ALEXANDER HUBBARD, born Dec. 9, 1948 at St. Louis, Mo.

Child No. 8 – WILLIAM JAMES LEWIS, born March 18, 1877 at St. Louis, Mo.

married Sept. 7, 1910                  

(Wife) RUTH CATHERINE GANNON, born Jan.17 1883 at DeSoto, Jefferson, Mo.

Daughter of Edward GANNON and Martha Louisa HEROD.

(no children)


William died Oct. 31, 1910, (less than eight days after he married), at the family home near Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., Mo., and was buried near his parent in the Cemetery at Hillsboro, Mo.

His widow RUTH GANNON LEWIS remarried Jan. 21, 1921 at Clayton, St. Louis, Mo. (Husband No. 2) Edwin Major WHARTON. He died Oct. 17, 1958 at DeSoto, Mo.


Child No. 9 – HENRY EVAN LEWIS, born April 8, 1879 at St. Louis, Mo.

died March 13, 1880 at “             - “Of Measles”

The fourth and last son of DAVID and KEZIA to die in infancy


Child No. 10 – SAMUEL YATES LEWIS, born Apr. 9, 1881 at St. Louis, Mo.

More commonly known as SAM Y. LEWIS, died Feb. 21, 1960, R#1, Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo. He married Oct. 1, 1907 at St. Louis, Mo.

(Wife) DOROTHY FLORENCE MEYER, born June 19, 1888 at St. Louis, Mo.

died Jan. 5, 1969, R#1, Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo.

Daughter of Julius Grant MEYER and Caroline ROSENSTENGEL

Two sons were born to them, the only grandsons of DAVID to carry on the Family name.   

(1)   FOSTER RAY LEWIS, born Dec. 23, 1910 at St. Louis, Mo.

Married June 1, 1935 at Waterloo, Monroe, Ill

(Wife) VERA CERNICH, born May 20, 1912 at Scandia, Iowa

Daughter of Victor CERNICH and Iva STARCHEVICH

Three Children

(1)   FOSTER STEPHEN LEWIS, born Sept. 11, 1942 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   KAREN JOAN LEWIS, born Oct. 26, 1943 at St. Louis, Mo.

(3)   JANET KAY LEWIS, born Mar. 25, 1945 at St. Louis, Mo.

(2)   SAMUEL JULIUS LEWIS, born June 9, 1912 near Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo.

married June 9, 1936 at Trenton, Grundy, Mo.

(Wife) DOROTHY LEE PETERSON, born Feb. 26, 1916 at Memphis, Scott, Mo.

Daughter of Clyde PETERSON and Edna Alice RICE.

No Children

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Y. Lewis owned and operated a Stock and Dairy Farm for many years, adjoining and a part of the David T. Lewis Farm. The following was taken from the DeSoto Press dated Jan. 6, 1969: “Funeral services for Mrs. Sam Y. Lewis, 80, widow of a prominent farmer near DeSoto, will be held Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 8. ---- Mrs. Lewis died Sunday, Jan. 5, 1969, at the family home on New Liberty School Road, Hillsboro, Rt. 1. Northwest of DeSoto. She continued to operate the farm following the death of Mr. Lewis Feb. 21, 1960. For 40 years the Lewises operated a Grade A Farm and were leaders in demonstrating the advantages of grass and cattle farming in Jefferson County. The herd was disposed of in 1964 when securing became a problem. Mrs. Lewis then devoted her interest to developing a registered Angus herd. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were leaders in agricultural improvements and practices and were active many years in the Jefferson Co. Farm Bureau, and with the Extension Service program. She leaves two sons: Foster R. Lewis of Manchester, Assistant Administrator, Milk Marketing Administration, St. Louis; and Sam J. Lewis, St. Charles, Assistant Vice-President and Missouri State Administrator, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank, St. Louis, Mo.”

(I will long cherish the memory of Mrs. Sam Y. (Florence) Lewis for her kindness to me, and for the help she gave that made it possible for me to prepare this history.---- Soon after I found DAVID AND KEZIA LEWIS’S names among my Cemetery Records of Jefferson County, Missouri in May 1968 I visited the Probate Court Office at Hillsboro where I found the Probated Estates of both David and Kezia and of their son Sam y. Lewis, then learned the latter’s widow still lived there. I was then able to visit her and obtain the necessary information about David’s descendants and also a copy of Family Records that had been entered in his and Kezia’s large leather bound Bible, almost an hundred years old, published in 1870. MWG.)


Child No. 11 – GERTRUDE ELLEN LEWIS, born July 7, 1883 at St. Louis, Mo.

Married April 4, 1907 at St. Charles, St. Charles, Mo.

(Husband) THOEODRE GEORGE SEEMEL, born Nov. 1, 1877 near Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo.

The son of Henry August SEEMEL and Dorothy WEDDE. Theodore G. Seemel died Dec. 10, 1950 at St. Louis, Mo. At that time he was associated with The (Frank C.) Webb Construction Co. After his death Gertrude made her home with her sister Esther until her death Feb. 10, 1962 at Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo. Esther’s daughter Gertrude remembers her Aunt Gertrude as one of her favorite Aunts whom she dearly loved. (Also the secretary in the Office at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church remembered Mrs. Gertrude (Lewis) Seemel as an attractive and distinguished lady. MWG.)

No Children.


Child No. 12 – LILLIAN ANNIN (also ANN) LEWIS, born June 28, 1885 at St. Louis, Mo. and died Dec. 20, 1960 at Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, La. while visiting her daughter. She was married Feb. 19, 1904 near DeSoto, Jefferson Co., Mo.

(Husband) EDWARD LOUIS HICKS (SR), born Sept. 23, 1881 at Elvins, St. Francois Co., Mo., the son of Henry HICKS and Druscilla SCOTT. He died March 5, 1944 at St. Louis, Mo. Both were buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery at DeSoto, Mo. beside their eldest child who died in 1930. – Mrs. Lillian Hicks was for some time active in the Eastern Star – State of Missouri and at her death was Past Worthy Matron of the Chapter to which she belonged.

There were four children, three sons and one daughter.

(1)      LILBURN BRIGHT HICKS, born April 5. 1905 at DeSoto, Jefferson, Mo. and died Aug. 22, 1930, unmarried.

(2)      HENRY DAVID HICKS, born Oct. 10, 1908 at DeSoto, Jefferson, Mo.

married Feb. 18, 1933 at St. Louis, Mo. (Christ Church Cathedral)

(Wife) MARIE DOROTHY KOENIG, born Sept. 1, 1911 at St. Louis, Mo.

Daughter of Herbert KOENIG and Lillie KELLENBRINK.

One Son

DAVID ROBERT HICKS, born Nov. 23, 1935 at St. Louis, Mo.

married Nov. 15, 1957 at St. Louis, Mo.

(Wife) SHIRLEY ANN SULLIVAN, born June 29, 1939 at St. Louis, Mo.

Daughter of Austin Arnold SULLIVAN and Leona Marie Delores BRIZINSKI.


ROBIN ANN HICKS, born March 23, 1959 and died March 24, 1959

at St. Louis, Mo. (1day old)

(3)   EDWARD LOUIS HICKS (JR), born Nov. 18, 1910at DeSoto, Jefferson, Mo.

(Unmd. – Mar 1969)

(4)   MURIEL ARLENE HICKS, born Sept. 17, 1920 at St. Louis, Mo.

married (1) Nov. 18, 1939 (Div) Everett Francis ROMAN 2482

(2) June 20, 1943 Henry Ballenger KOON (Deceased) 2483

(3) married Dec. 3, 1948 at St. Louis, Mo.

(Husband) JAMES CALVIN ECTON, born Jan. 11, 1901 at Rosendale, Kansas, (near K.C.)

Son of Lesley Charles ECTON and Lulu ANDERSON.

(Two Children)

(1)   KAREN EDWINA ECTON, born July 1, 1940 at St. Louis, Mo.

Married April 26, 1960 at Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, La.

(Husband) JOHN MAURICE DELANOIX (SR), born Feb. 23, 1939 at Baton Rouge, La.

Son of Albert Earl DELANOIX and Marie HENRY


(1)   JOHN MAURICE DELANOIX (JR), born Oct. 13, 1961, Baton Rouge, La.

(2)   STEPHANIE ANN DELANOIX, born Nov. 21, 1962, Baton Rouge, La.

(3)   EDWARD DAVID DELANOIX, born May 20, 1964,                      

(4)   JAMES ALBERT DELANOIX, born Jan. 16, 1967, New Orleans, La.

(2)   STEVEN BALLENGER ECTON, born Dec. 19, 1944 at St. Louis, Mo.

married May 2, 1965 at Jackson, Rankin Co., Miss.

(Wife) SUSAN JANE LAMB, born April 26, 1949 at Knox, Clarion Co., Penn.

Daughter of Edward Douglas Wiley LAMB and Hannah Isabel BARBER.


- - - - -

(the evening of July 2, 1968, shortly after I began to collect records of the descendants of David and Kezia (Yates) Lewis I called Marion (Summerfield) Ernst for a verification of records and learned her cousin Muriel (Hicks) Ecton of New Orleans, La. was visiting in St. Louis and was leaving early the next morning. I hurriedly contacted her by phone. I had wondered how I was to acquire records of her Mother’s family and the way was opened to me. Muriel has been most cooperative, helpful and kind in supplying the necessary information and I am very very grateful to her. MWG.)


Child No. 13 – RAYMOND ROBERT LEWIS, born March 15, 1889 at St. Louis, Mo.

married Oct. 21, 1919 at                

(Wife) CLARA TERESA SEEMEL, born Nov. 11, 1883 near Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo.

Daughter of Henry August SEEMEL and Dorothy WEDDE.

(Sister of Theodore George SEEMEL – see Page 6.)


No Children

Raymond, the thirteenth and last child to be born to David and Kezia, died June 14, 1948 at the old home place in Jefferson County and was buried near his parents in the cemetery at Hillsboro, Mo. His widow, known fondly as “Aunt Loll” or “Lollie”, lived all alone in a small home on the Lewis farm, (Nov. 1968).  - - - (In June 1868, with Mrs. Sam Y. Lewis, I visited the dear aged lady and when we were leaving she put her arm around me and said, “I love You!” – I hated to leave her there all alone. – I love her too. MWG.)

This Genealogy, composed of up-to-date records of the Posterity of David t. LEWIS and Kezia YATES, true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, has been compiled through much time and effort spent, not only on my part, but through the cooperation and help of many here-in named. For an answer to a possible questioning, “what is my interest in this Lewis Family?” see the following page, “How We Found The David T. Lewis Family.”

      Myrtle Williams Gunderson

(Aug. 29, 1969)











[1] DAVID T. thought to be DAVID THOMAS, but so far not positively proven. His Birth Record gives Date of Birth, 'Nov 1, 1843' - Date in Family Bible, Jan l, 1845




Lewis, Esther Griffiths

Lewis, Thomas

Jones, Mary Ann

Lewis, Evan Griffiths

Yates, Kezia

Lewis, David G.

Lewis, Eleanor Griffiths


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