Lewis, William Davis - Biography

William Davis Lewis and Ann S. Jones

By Viola Kent Morgan

William Davis Lewis was born July 23, 1857, at Abaraman, Glamorgan, Wales, to Lewis Jones Lewis and Eleanor S. Davis.

He married Ann S. Jones August 23, 1882, at the home of her father by Richard R. Evans in St. John. She was born January 4, 1864, the oldest child of David Cair Jones and Mary Stephens Jones at Pencader, Carmarthen, Wales.

She came to America on July 4, 1866, with her parents and a brother, David S., on the ship "Arkwright." They sailed from England, May 30, 1866, and landed in New York on July 4. They crossed the plains from Missouri and arrived in Salt Lake in October of that same year. When her parents arrived in Utah, they located at Willard, Utah, for seven years before coming to the Malad Valley, and settling in St. John and homesteaded on Devil Creek in the spring of 1874.

He came to America with his parents, a brother and four sisters on June 2, 1869, on the ship "Minnesota" for New York.

They were the parents of twelve children: David J. (Maude Thomas); Lewis J. (Fannie Chivers); William J.; Thomas J. (Martha Lucinda Thomas); Catherine (Edmond Morgan); Grover J. (Helen Morrow); John J. (Mollie Jones); Mary Ellen; Benjamin; Evan J. (1) Lula Thomas, (2) Helen Colman; George P. (1) Janie McKay; (2) Mary Evans; and Elmer (Clarice Watson).

He died April 27, 1922, at St. John, Idaho. She died November 3, 1952, at Malad, Idaho. They are both buried in the St. John Cemetery.

(From St. John, Oneida County, Idaho: A collection of personal histories from the time of the first settlers to the present day, p. 198.)




Jones, Ann S

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