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Leigh, Sarah Rees

Walters, Walter

Walters, Mary Leigh

Walters, William Leigh

Walters, Margaret Leigh

Walters, Daniel Leigh

Walters, Elizabeth Leigh


Standing (left to right):
Daniel Leigh Walters
Elizabeth Walters Owen (Evan Owen)
William Leigh Walters

Seated (left to right):
Margaret Walters Thomas (Henry Thomas)
Sarah Leigh Walters (Walter Walters)
Mary Walters Owen (John Owen)

Sarah Rees Leigh's two brothers and sister (Daniel Leigh, Samuel Leigh and Hannah Leigh) emigrated in 1849 with Dan Jones on board the Buena Vista. After their arrival in Utah, Daniel settled at Malad, Idaho, while Samuel was called to the Iron Mission at Cedar City. Hannah stayed in Salt Lake City and married Alexander Wright, a native Scotsman who had emigrated to Canada and joined the Church in the mid 1830s. (He and Samuel Mulliner were the first missionaries called to preach the Gospel in Scotland, arriving in 1839.) After Walter Walters' family arrived in Utah in 1854, Alexander Wright took as a second wife Hannah Walters, the daughter of Walter and Sarah Leigh Walters. Thus, he was married to both Sarah Leigh Walters' sister and daughter. When Alexander moved to Virgin City, Utah, his second wife (Hannah Walters) and their children went with him, while his first wife (Hannah Leigh) stayed in Salt Lake City with their one child. A photograph of Alexander Wright and Hannah Walters can be found in the DUP Museum in Salt Lake City.